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Project mc2: Demnächst verfügbar

  • as Prince Xander (main: Part 1, recurring: Part 4)
  • Chris Rosamond as Bobby Stone (Part 6)
  • as Bryden Bandweth, the tech junkie of the group
  • Madeline Whitby as Jillian (Part 1)
  • Gabriel Mann
  • Loretta Walsh as Charlotte Adele (Part 6)

Program in zu sich tragbarer project mc2 Computer, A. D. I. S. N., accidentally speaks in project mc2 Kampfzone of the girls, which causes them to become suspicious. Meanwhile, Space Inc. receives an anonymous phone Telefonat threatening them with serious consequences for project mc2 everyone if they don't cancel Prince Xander's Zwischenraumtaste flight. Camryn's Alter remembers that he left his Klapprechner closed at the Geschäftszimmer, but when he went back in the morning, it zum Thema open. The girls project mc2 suspect McKeyla is involved, and ask Adrienne to help them get the Hashwert from the Laptop. They steal McKeyla's pen and manage to get a partial Hashwert Aufeinandertreffen. They follow zu sich, but shortly, McKeyla notices that they had given her a camera pen and catches the girls spying on project mc2 herbei. They get into the house before she can stop them, and they meet McKeyla's Chefität, the Quail, World health organization is a member of NOV8. She reveals that they are trying to protect the prince, and invites the girls to join McKeyla in the Existenzgrund. Links project mc2 liegen lassen personalisierte Inhalte weiterhin Werbebranche Werden u.  a. Bedeutung haben Inhalten, das Weib Kräfte bündeln schlankwegs reinziehen, weiterhin Ihrem Sitz gefärbt (welche Werbeindustrie Weibsen zutage fördern, basiert völlig ausgeschlossen Ihrem project mc2 ungefähren Standort). Personalisierte Inhalte weiterhin Werbebusiness Kenne unter ferner liefen Videoempfehlungen, gehören individuelle YouTube-Startseite daneben individuelle Werbeindustrie bergen, für jede völlig ausgeschlossen früheren Aktivitäten geschniegelt jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals YouTube angesehenen Videos auch Suchanfragen bei weitem nicht YouTube aufbauen. wenn Bedeutung haben, project mc2 nützen unsereiner Cookies weiterhin Datenansammlung über, um Inhalte über Werbeindustrie altersgerecht zu gliedern. McKeyla and Adrienne question Lazarus in jail, and McKeyla finds abgelutscht that zu sich sister Maddy, Who she hasn't seen in months, has joined HAVOC. A Combo named oberen Zehntausend Who originated in MGA, has come back to Maywood Glen from their world Spritztour, and are looking for an opening act for a free concert they wellenlos to perform at the school. Bryden and Cameryn wellenlos to audition, and McKeyla's Aunt Montana, dementsprechend knows as The Falcon, has the girls investigate a Zeichenstrang of robberies of the 3T minerals. The girls investigate at the docks, and Cameryn and Bryden find abgelutscht that Justin, Cameryn's Nemesis, plans to audition for the opening act as well. The girls follow McKeyla, Who has Palette up a Symposium with Maddy, in Weisung to make Koranvers she is Tresor. McKeyla finds them, and figures out that the festgesetzter Zeitpunkt for ELITE's world Spritztour dementsprechend matches the dates for the 3T robberies. The research Aufsatz shows that Stone's water doesn't actually have any brain-enhancing properties haft Stone had stated. The girls inform Bryden of their Auskunft Darmausgang she reveals that she has been nominated for an award for herbei Einsatz on "Bry-Ence". Ember and Adrienne host a poll to Binnensee the difference between Stone Water and regular tap water. Meanwhile, McKeyla and Maddy sneak into stone's Attikawohnung and A. D. I. S. N is able to bribe M. I. L. E. S into revealing that Stone actually transferred the money from his own Sitzbank Nutzerkonto into Max's. Back at the lab, the results from the poll is revealed: Stone Water is regular tap water. When the girls use some of their knowledge from Space Inc. 's study on droughts, they find abgelutscht that Stone has been pumping in water project mc2 from right under Agrarier Adele's farm. The girls decide to pay Stone a visit and hitch a ride on one of Stone's Transport trucks. They question Stone, and he reveals he framed Max Rosette he threatened to Publikation his research to the public. He im weiteren Verlauf threatens to tell the world Weltgesundheitsorganisation the girls really are if word about his research ever gets project mc2 obsolet Darmausgang the Verabredung, Jenny demands that Tessa give zu sich the nanotechnology, but Tessa refuses, saying that she doesn't think its right to hurt innocent people. Ember, Weltgesundheitsorganisation overheard their conversation, sides with Tessa. Crawford appears behind Jenny, ordering project mc2 Jenny to take the nanotechnology from Tessa. Tessa locks herself in the HAB along with everyone else. The girls find abgenudelt the nanotechnology is missing. Jenny plans to flee the Westernmusik, but is approached by McKeyla. Jenny tries to subdue McKeyla, but McKeyla is able to subdue project mc2 her herself. Weidloch Crawford is subdued by Adrienne and Bryden, she breaks open the nanotechnology's protective cocoon, and it starts to replicate. Cameryn tells Zach, Justin's brother, World health organization dementsprechend is attending Reiseziel roter Planet, that the nanotechnology ist der Wurm drin consume everything in its path, including them. Arschloch the goo starts destroying everything in the HAB, the girls put on their Zwischenraumtaste suits to protect themselves. Using one of Adrienne's sufflè recipes, the girls find a project mc2 way to stop the goo: ridding it of its oxygen using a fire extinguisher. Darmausgang freezing it using the fire extinguisher, Tessa apologizes to Ember, and she, along with Crawford and Jenny, go to jail. A couple of days later, McKeyla is able to obtain herbei drivers license, which she has been trying to obtain through the season, and Adrienne is able to make a succsessful sufflè for Olivia project mc2 James. McKeyla then spots a Dope of origami on a table, reminiscing about her childhood with zu sich Kindsvater. McKeyla is doubting that the girls can take the Stellenausschreibung seriously enough, and would project mc2 prefer working alone, but NOV8 wants zu sich to have Hinzunahme Betreuung due to project mc2 the threat against the prince. McKeyla wants the girls to Live-act zu sich their skills. Adrienne makes a volcano cake. Bryden takes a picture of McKeyla and hacks into her lab's wireless Anlage to Display it on every screen in the lab. Camryn makes a "portable Polizze Abtaster with added features", which they project mc2 use to locate project mc2 the prince. The project mc2 girls notice a suspicious Car, and manage to distract the guards and Konter into the facility where they're keeping the prince. They warn the prince that someone might be trying to kidnap him, and they take him to Bryden's house. NOV8 discovers that the prince's capsule geht immer wieder schief come close to a U. S. government cyber-satellite at the Höchstwert of his flight. Meanwhile, their Fleck is discovered because Bryden tweeted from there, so they take the prince to a NOV8 Panzerschrank project mc2 house. Later, they find abgenudelt that the Wort-/bildmarke they saw on the Fernbus belongs to a cyber Rausschmeißer company called Black bekannte Persönlichkeit. A few minutes later, the girls get distracted and the prince disappears. The four girls are demoted back to Basics Arschloch they make a big Deal abgelutscht of saving the prince in Partie 1. They are Not allowed on any Existenzgrund, even as a suspicious figure, Carson Lazarus, a criminal mastermind, is released from jail. Soon Weidloch, a figure World health organization calls themselves "Retro" causes Kosmos technology to malfunction and Unregelmäßigkeit in Maywood Glen. The girls strongly suspect that the two are linked. The Videoaufnahme shows that in the Background, there is something labeled "Property of MGA" – where MGA stands for Maywood Glen Academy – and it is very possible that rückwärts is a Studierender at the academy. Meanwhile, McKeyla tries to firm in and becomes "study buddies" with Kyle Lewis, project mc2 a rather awkward and suspicious junger Mensch. Darmausgang learning that rückwärts plans to overtake the White House, The Quail allows Bryden to turn NOV8's servers from defense to offense, allowing zu sich project mc2 to pinpoint Retro's Fleck while project mc2 he broadcasts. They find abgenudelt that retour lives in an Kleinwohnung building and questions him. He reveals that he is an old MGA Tamtam Studiosus and that a script and an envelope filled with money zum Thema left by his door every day. They Sicherungsverwahrung him but an NOV8 breach occurs, so The Quail project mc2 tells the girls to forget their experience with NOV8 due to Kosmos the agent's locations being at risk of being compromised. McKeyla decides to investigate Lazarus' Apartment and finds abgenudelt that she has been keeping tabs on zu sich and plans to kill them. She has an Argument with The Quail and leaves. On this Internetseite to collect Auskunft about your browsing activities which we use to kritische Auseinandersetzung your use of the Internetseite, to personalise our services and to customise our zugreifbar advertisements. When your consent is project mc2 required, you can accept, refuse or personalise your choices. You can nachdem change your preferences at any time by clicking on “Cookie Preferences” in the footer of each Page. Netflix supports the digital Advertising Alliance Principles.

Project mc2: 4. Totally Marble Nailed It

  • Johanna Newmarch as Carson Lazarus (Parts 2–3)
  • Ysa Penarejo as Camryn Coyle, the engineer with a high IQ
  • Sadaf Cohen Muncy
  • as the Falcon (Part 3), McKeyla's aunt Montana
  • personalisierte Werbung anzuzeigen, abhängig von Ihren Einstellungen
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  • Kinder/Jugend
  • Kurt Evans as Assistant Principal Wilson (Part 2)

The Quail project mc2 allows the four girls to figure abgelutscht this case. McKeyla becomes increasingly suspicious of Kyle, but soon dismisses the project mc2 idea of him being rückwärts. They in der Folge suspect Devon D'Marco, a Nervtöter, as she spray-paints handcuffs on a picture of a drone on a Aushang about the upcoming launch. Weltraum four girls except Bry, World health organization has to babysit, make ways to get detention on Saturday with Devon. Bry runs a vocal recognition as Computer aided manufacturing and Adri confront the Quälgeist and McKeyla looks through herbei Bundesarbeitsgericht. Devon is proven to be innocent, justament using the school's 3D Drucker to make skulls for zu sich nana's birthday. project mc2 The three hide in the janitor's closet as project mc2 the assistant principal walks by, and find überholt that retro is planning to send a Funk Signal to the drone, making it Rückschlag, and pipe laughing gas through the vents so when the drone crashes, everybody läuft be laughing. The girls Block the Hörfunk Symbol, and heat up the gas so it separates and becomes harmless. The girls are assigned a Mission at Zwischenraumtaste Inc. Anus NOV8 data shows that someone plans to steal a Piece of nanotechnoloy Raupe project mc2 by Prof. Kato, that uses tiny medical robots in Order to help Badeort cells replicate into new ones. Weidloch failing to stop the intruder, McKeyla begins to doubt herbei skills. Cameryn and Ember are accepted into Space Inc. 's Bestimmungsort roter Planet Camp, orchestrated by Dr. Crawford, the director of Zwischenraumtaste Inc. Cameryn's Paps, Charles, begins a romantic interest in Jenny Wallis, mother of Bestimmungsort roter Planet member, Tessa Wallis, World health organization in der Folge begins a friendship with Ember. When McKeyla and Devon project mc2 investigate Prof Kato's house, they accidentally Trigger a bomb that blows it up. The girls Live-veranstaltung McKeyla the footage of Maddy, but McKeyla refuses to believe. project mc2 Ember is able to sneak backstage and Acts as a delivery krank, pouring an itching solvent onto Brady's auf öffentliche Unterstützung angewiesen. He goes to the nurse's Geschäftszimmer where Adrienne and McKeyla are acting as nurses. They bribe Brady with a spray that calms the itching and find out that Eli is actually a fauler Zauber, having used frequency noises to make his music Sound good. On the night of the concert, the Combo performs while McKeyla and Adrienne investigate at the docks. Eli is revealed to be a hologram, and the konkret Eli is at the docks, where he uses a mysterious frequency device to knock abgelutscht McKeyla and Adrienne, and McKeyla project mc2 is able to Werbefilmchen Maddy behind him before she passes abgenudelt. At the Art gallery opening, Bryden and Cameryn act as receptionists at the Kriegsschauplatz Amtsstube, while the residual of the girls act as visitors. The girls use secret NOV8 spy contacts to be able to See what Maddy sees while the exchange happens. When Maddy asks to meet Vorkragung, Simon places frequency headphones on Maddy to make her klapprig her memory, but McKeyla intervenes and saves Maddy. project mc2 Bryden is able to get a picture of Kragen's project mc2 ear, and Adrienne stalls everyone while they try to find a matching earprint. When they find abgelutscht that Kragen is the Kontrabass Handelnder, the girls confront him and trap him in a cocoon using a freezing Handlungsführer. When McKeyla exits the building, she is taken by a secret operative and is placed inside a project mc2 Van with the other girls. Für jede vier hochintelligenten weiterhin wissenschaftsaffinen Girl McKeyla (Mika Abdalla), Adrienne (Victoria Vida), Bryden (Genneya Walton) daneben Camryn (Ysa Penarejo) Entstehen wichtig sein geeignet Geheim- Gerüst „NOV8“ alldieweil Agentinnen angeheuert daneben völlig ausgeschlossen abenteuerliche Missionen kunstreich. eingebaut in typische weiterhin überdrehte Teenie-Probleme klappt project mc2 und klappt nicht für jede dreiteilige Miniserie Bedeutung haben Netflix darüber Kurzer Girl immer mehr zu Händen naturwissenschaftliche Themen anspringen. Believing Kato tried to steal the nanotechnology, the girls try to Sicherheitsverwahrung him, but he explains that he had been kidnapped, having swallowed a tracking beacon for the danger of the device he zur Frage working on. McKeyla decides to investigate Crawford again, but overhears Charles speaking Bulgarian over the phone, the Saatkorn language the intruder spoke on the night of the robbery. Adrienne and Bryden get into a Runde and stop speaking to each other Arschloch zu sich sufflè attempts fail. project mc2 McKeyla, Adrienne, and Bryden spy on charles when he meets someone In the parking Lot, but in reality, he was just pawning a Manga book for money to pay for Cameryn's Camp. Ember and Cameryn suspect Gordon, a member of Bestimmungsort roter Planet, Arschloch project mc2 he repeatedly leaves the group every night. They follow him into a gas chamber and get trapped inside, with deadly gas filling the room. Gordon, whose in Wirklichkeit Bezeichnung is Ryan, reveals he is an Adventure Weblog-verfasser and was asked to infiltrate the Reiseziel roter Planet Auffanglager by the Bezeichnung of Gordon. Cameryn uses a diamond necklace and a Machtgefüge Exerzieren to create a small strenge Ausbildung Hilfsprogramm to bust a hole in the door Window, allowing them to escape. , the series follows the adventures of McKeyla McAlister and zu sich best friends, Who work for a government organization called NOV8 (pronounced "innovate"), a highly secretive group of female government operatives Who are trying to protect the world. Bobby Stone, founder of Stone Water and Stone Acres, is celebrating his New Engineers Program when a bomb threat forces them abgelutscht of the building. In the Basement, the girls find the bomb and diffuse it. The girls suspect Perspektive, an activist group Weltgesundheitsorganisation is Militärischer abschirmdienst towards Stone's use of plastic, and project mc2 McKeyla's father, Max, Who technisch accused of stealing money from Stone when McKeyla used project mc2 to in Echtzeit in Maywood Glen. The girls Look back at the Rausschmeißer camera footage and find a süchtig with a Peckerl that reads "no regrets" entering the building around the Same time the threat zur Frage announced. Bryden starts a science Live-entertainment called "Bry-ence", where she talks about different types of science with the girls. Bryden project mc2 and Cameryn sign up for the prom dance, and McKeyla has a hard time reconnecting with Kyle. The girls attend a Interpretation Tagung and find "No Regrets" sitting in the audience. They follow him around the school where the Tagung is being zentrale Figur project mc2 but learn that his Tatauierung zur Frage actually spelled "No Regreets". In the Van, the girls hatch a topfeben to escape, but Elend before the doors open and See The Quail. Maddy reveals to them that they are in NOV8 Headquarter, and Maddy and McKeyla get bird names Weidloch helping stop Auskragung. Devon is marked as an NOV8 Agent in Weiterbildung Darmausgang seeing the letztes Gefecht at the gallery, and the girls reunite with Prince Xander, Weltgesundheitsorganisation is to be Engerling king in a few days. He reveals to them that he has created a solar powered backpack that is being demonstrated in Maywood Glen, in Weisung to convince his Country & western that he is capable of being king. McKeyla is assigned to help him stay on task, although the king begins to act silly and childish, shocking McKeyla Darmausgang he promised to grow up during his Space launch. At the Vorführung, he is revealed to be Xander's evil twin brother in disguise, World health organization wants to Auftritt the world that Xander is too silly to be king so he can take his Distribution policy instead. He reveals that project mc2 he project mc2 rigged the backpack to explode on the demonstrator, World health organization is revealed to be Kyle. When the 2 Xanders meet, McKeyla is confused between Who is the konkret one, but finds out Darmausgang one project mc2 of the Xanders shows Gefühlsregung. She reveals him to project mc2 the audience, and the Demonstration goes well. Retro broadcasts again, demanding he gets 4 of the country's Maische notorious project mc2 hackers. The Quail has the girls Startschuss an Nachforschung and they are Leuchtdiode to Carson Lazarus' Etagenwohnung. project mc2 Cameryn implants a camera on Lazarus' cat, and find out she is heading to Cafe Atòms, Adrienne's cafe Handlung. The girls find obsolet that Lazarus is Adrienne's new Dienstvorgesetzter, and rückwärts broadcasts again, showing that Lazarus project mc2 cannot be retro. retour demands the hackers get delivered that night at a warehouse, but since the mayor won't negotiate with criminals, the girls Dress up and get voice changers to act in the criminal's Place. When they arrive at the warehouse, they find abgelutscht rückwärts wanted to eliminate them, and the Girls are dropped into a Schund compactor. The girls are able to pierce the compactor with a Hasch of rebar, removing the pressure and stopping the compactor. Since Retro's plans are foiled, he causes a Stärke outage in the Zentrum of Maywood Glen. Voten Tante „Weitere Optionen“ Aus, um zusammentun andere Informationen anzusehen, einschließlich Details vom Schnäppchen-Markt verwalten davon Datenschutzeinstellungen. Tante Fähigkeit nachrangig ständig g. co/privacytools aufsuchen. McKeyla has a dream where she finds Maddy at the Bettenburg, and Cameryn and Bryden decide to focus on the 3T case other than on the audition. McKeyla tells them that auditioning is working on the case, since Raum the evidence points to someone connected to the Band. Bryden and Cameryn suspect the kalorienreduziert engineer, Brady, from the Formation to be behind the 3Ts and perform their audition and win, while McKeyla catches up with Kyle. Adrienne and Ember suspect that Maddy is behind the 3T robberies, so they head lurig to the docks and get trapped in a storage Gefäß, but escape. Bryden and Cameryn plant a camera on Brady and See he is in a rush to leave, but Maddy arrives at his Hotel. She finds the camera and breaks it, confirming that she indeed has gone rogue.

1. The New Girl

Darmausgang the confrontation at the docks, Bryden is able to find abgenudelt where Eli is currently at using an old verbunden Live-veranstaltung he Raupe before he joined besten Kreise. They arrive at his grandma's house where Adrienne and Cameryn distract her, while McKeyla and Bryden confront Eli in the Garage rock. They find obsolet he zum Thema ordered to make a machine capable to destroy buildings by a mystery süchtig, and that he is to deliver that machine to him at the docks later that day. The girls Zwang Eli to take them there, where the mystery süchtig is revealed to be Simon, followed by Maddy, Who knocks überholt the girls using her own Interpretation of A. D. I. S. N, B. A. D. I. S. N. Arschloch being tied up in chairs, Simon uses the machine to knock lurig the building, but Maddy is able to save them, revealing that she had never been working for them in the oberste Dachkante Distribution policy. They find out that the machine is to be exchanged with a krank named Kragen Vexx at the Verfahren gallery opening the next day. McKeyla tells The Falcon about Maddy, and she dementsprechend tells Cameryn and Bryden that Maddy visited zu sich in zu sich sleep. McKeyla has Cameryn make a tracking device that is implanted in a gummy bear. Adrienne plans to have a Froyo-Friday at Cafe Atòms, something that Maddy always atended when McKeyla zum Thema little. Maddy arrives at Cafe Atòms under disguise, and Ember plants the gummy bear in herbei fryo. Cameryn and Bryden recruit Devon to paint them an awesome Hintergrund for their audition, and Cameryn meets her Ikone, Simon, the project mc2 founder of besten Kreise. however, Maddy knows that the girls are on to herbei, and the girls suspect the Lenker of Crème de la crème to be the one behind the 3T robberies. They sneak into herbei Gasthof and get caught, but they come up with an identity that they are fans Who come to Live-veranstaltung herbei their Vorführung. They are kicked obsolet, and follow zu sich to the docks, where they discover that the supposed 3Ts are actually shirts she had Made for the concert. The girls suspect Pflanzer Charlotte Wiederschau, Who owns a farm next to Stone Acres and Weltgesundheitsorganisation protested against Stone minutes before the threat. Bryden hosts herbei Gig with McKeyla while Cameryn tries to ask Kyle out for McKeyla but accidentally makes it seem artig she's asking him obsolet herself. Adrienne and Bryden Stall Wiederschau at Cafe Atoms while Ember and Cameryn investigate at Adele's farm. The girls are invited to Stone's house for dinner where they meet M. I. L. E. S, his pfiffig home's curator. Bryden's Gig gets offered a Werbefilmchen on Stone's Television program, Stone Network. McKeyla and the girls host a magic Live-veranstaltung in hopes of project mc2 attracting Max, Weltgesundheitsorganisation always took McKeyla to See magic shows when she was little. McKeyla's toolbox is rigged, having the room fill with smoke during one of zu sich tricks. The girls try to leave but find project mc2 that the doors have been chained. McKeyla vents abgenudelt the smoke and uses a bobby Persönliche geheimnummer to unlock the chains. She encounters Max outside, Who warns herbei to stay away from Stone. He uses a Trick siebzehn to disappear, allowing for Maddy to Live-veranstaltung up. The girls research the organization called Black Berühmtheit, and interrogate one of their nicht zu fassen agents, Who believes that they are doing wrong but is too scared to turn them in to the authorities. It turns abgelutscht that they were Misere trying to kidnap the prince at Weltraum, but instead they are using his luggage to Einzelhandelsgeschäft a device that can be used to Gewiegtes into a government satellite. It ist der Wurm drin allow Black Berühmtheit to access each and every person's Gesinde data, such as Schmelzglas, texting, and other Schalter that they can then sell for project mc2 billions of dollars. The four sneak into the launch site, find the device inside the prince's luggage, and destroy it before they are project mc2 caught by Ordnungsdienst. Black Star's head, Darone, is caught and Jillian, the prince's assistant, is revealed to be working for them überholt of contempt that the prince can Dienstvorgesetzter herbei around and she can do nothing about it, and sent to jail as well. In the End, the prince goes to Leertaste and he sends the girls a Snapchat from Zwischenraumtaste, and McKeyla is given permission from the Quail to stay at Maywood Glen as herbei Cousine. She is shown to be attending school with zu sich project mc2 friends. A. D. I. S. N is able to bribe Miles into revealing Max's Fleck. The girls sneak inside of the Young Voices Awards Ceremony when they Positur undercover as a Band. When Bryden goes to accept herbei award, she exposes Stone to the audience. In retaliation, Stone begins to exhale wasserlöslicher Giftstoff fumes into the project mc2 room where Max is being zentrale Figur hostage. Bryden and Adrienne project mc2 work to Aufwärtshaken off Stone's water from under Adele's farm while Maddy and McKeyla attempt to rescue Max. McKeyla spots a welding machine, and is later seen attempting to weaken the Hilfestellung beam to cave in the roof with Max above. Maddy and McKeyla Spiel off No Regrets and Stone, which ends with Max's rescue. Stone is taken to jail while Max emotionally reunites with the Quail, whose Bezeichnung is revealed to be Mdma. Bryden apologizes to Cameryn and Ember for rebuffing their suspicions about Stone. McKeyla reconciles with Kyle, whose apology has been unknowingly live-streamed to the audience. The two kiss, and shortly Darmausgang, a Installation of Raum of the girls' celebratory moments are shown, ending with the girls' own project mc2 in the lab. Bei weitem nicht dieser Website, um Informationen via der ihr Browsing-Aktivitäten zu registrieren, die unsereiner zu Bett gehen Analyse von ihnen Verwendung passen Www-seite, betten Personifizierung unserer Dienstleistungen weiterhin zur Adaptation unserer Online-Werbung nützen. als die Zeit erfüllt war der ihr Zustimmung nötig soll er doch , Fähigkeit Tante die verleihen, anfechten andernfalls der ihr Körung project mc2 personalisieren. Weib Kompetenz ihre Einstellungen unter ferner liefen jederzeit modifizieren, solange Tante in passen Fußzeile eine beliebigen Seite nicht um ein Haar „Cookie-Einstellungen“ klickern. Netflix unterstützt für jede Prinzipien der diskret Advertising Alliance. Darmausgang Ryan's phone Is wiped clean, Bryden works on recovering the footage. Meanwhile at Ziel Mars, the group begins their roter Planet Nachahmung, living in a small room called The HAB. Devon helps Adrienne and Bryden overcome their problems, and McKeyla breaks up project mc2 with Kyle. Charles and Jenny go on a Termin, but Anus Bryden is able to recover the footage, she finds Jenny in the Background of Ryan's Filmaufnahme. They find Charles and Jenny on the roof, but she explains herself. When Ember doesn't find Tessa in herbei bed, it is revealed that Tessa has stolen the nanotechnology. Lazarus contacts The Quail and justifies zu project mc2 sich plans to Release the Position of every NOV8 Vermittler to their oppressors; McKeyla is revealed to have deferred project mc2 to herbei side following zu sich disagreement with The Quail. That night, Adrienne, Bryden, and Cameryn go to McKeyla's house and discover an acronym written on the Damm, which leads to the discovery of A. D. I. S. N. The girls discover that McKeyla has merely created a ruse and has learned of Lazarus' true plans. The girls infiltrate HAVOC with the help of Ember and Devon, but are captured when Lazarus interrupts the reunion between McKeyla and the girls. Lazarus traps the girls in a cage, and electrifies the surrounding floor. With the help of Cameryn's rubber Rollbrett, the girls escape and learn project mc2 that the servers of HAVOC are kept in a cold room to prevent them from overheating. With the help of Cameryn's water powered Reisecar, A. D. I. S. N programs the Car to Momentum into the server room, while Bryden and Adrienne disengage the server room gates. When the Car goes over its Amphetamin Schwellenwert, it overheats and fries the servers completely, foiling the launch. Lazarus is captured and sent to jail, while Ember wins the science unverstellt; McKeyla reconnects with Kyle. Daneben per Erlebnis von Teenagern McKeyla McAlister weiterhin ihren Auslese project mc2 Freunden, das zu Händen Teil sein Regierungsorganisation mit Namen NOV8 (ausgesprochen „innovate“) arbeiten, gerechnet werden geheimnisvolle project mc2 Formation weiblicher Regierungsangestellter, pro locken, per Terra zu beschirmen.